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Legal documents you need while buying a property in Zirakpur

Legal-documents-you-need-while-buying-a-property in Zirakpur

Buying any kind of property is not a cup of tea. This is because buying a property involves a lot of research and measures to be taken. There are many lands available across the country and purchasing them involves a series of steps. 


While buying any property from anyone a defined set of the legal documentation is followed. The owner and buyer of the land have to complete some legal formalities to transform the ownership of a property from one person to another. 

If you are also planning to buy any property, then read ahead to find out some of the necessary required Legal documents for buying property in Zirakpur. Also, ask your dealer to present al these documents in front of you:-

Land Use Certificate


The government has established certain criteria for the welfare of both residents and commercials. While buying any kind of flats in Zirakpur i.e. residential or commercial, the land should be approved by the authorities to assure that land required for residential use is built in a residential area only and vice-versa.

Tax Receipt


Property tax is essential that goes to the government for the welfare of the country. Under certain conditions, property owners are supposed to pay this tax. To save yourself from any kind of illegal crisis, ask your dealer to present all the tax receipts. This assures the true liability of land and legality of the property.  

Sale Deed


To prove the sale and purchase of property in Zirakpur, the authorities ask for a sale deed. It is an affidavit that proves the transfer of ownership of a property from one party to another. It is the most important document required for having a legal possession over flats in zirakpur.

Conversion Certificate


In the case of real estate investment in Zirakpur, the dealers or investors purchase the agricultural land from farmers to construct houses and apartments. But this process of buying an agricultural land demands a defined path of conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land. This is carried out by the approval of authorities via proof. This proof is known as a conversion certificate that legally allows you to use agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.

Encumbrance Certificate


This is a popular document required in case of purchase of property linked with a home loan. EC stands for Encumbrance certificate which accounts for the extra expenses done on the property. This includes the record of security deposits of home loans.

POA Certificate


POA stands for power of attorney. In case of transfer of possession of the property in Zirakpur, POA certificates are being made. It ensures the consent of both the parties over the transfer of ownership of property.

Construction Completion Approval


To ensure the smooth and systematic designing of a building over a piece of land, government authorities have the right to keep a check over the type of construction people do. This check of property in Zirakpur is done by earning a construction completion certificate. Some delegates from authorities come, check and verify the constructional dimensions of the building. This is how a building earns a construction completion certificate.

These are the legal documents that you must check before buying any kind of real estate properties.



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