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Ananta Homes Zirakpur

Ananta Homes Zirakpur

Region’s 1st Smart Real Estate Project

Location: PR7, Airport Road, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603
From locking your doors to controlling the temperature of your home at a voice command, Ananta with its 3BHK Apartments for Sale in Zirakpur, has everything you ever wished for your dream home to have.
Automatically Lighting Washrooms
The Lighting in the Washrooms at Ananta Lifestyle Zirakpur will automatically turn on when you step in to use it and turn off when you exit.
Portable Intelligent Control Apartments

Ananta Lifestyle Zirakpur

At Ananta Lifestyle, switches for electronic appliances like Fans, Lights and Air Conditioners are equipped with Artificial Intelligence. This will allow you to turn on/off your home appliances like lights, fans and ACs from any corner of the world with our special Smartphone App.
So now, you can turn that Geyser on while curling in your bed and pre-chill your room by turning the AC on while leaving office.

Gas Sensors Apartments
All Apartments will be equipped with special Gas Sensors which can detect leakage of LPG gas.
Frequency Modulation Apartments (FM)
All Kitchens at Ananta Lifestyle Zirakpur will be fitted with FM Radios so you can cook and enjoy music at the same time.
Insights With Analytics
These affordable apartments for sale in Zirakpur will now relieve all your stress. Worrying about power bills will be a thing of the past. With simple statistical portrayal of power consumption on your mobile app, you get the detailed analysis and understanding of every unit of electricity used by each of your gadgets.
Keys? No More!
Keeping a bunch of keys will be passé. These luxury apartments for sale in Zirakpur will enable you to lock and unlock your home via our smartphone app. Tap to lock & unlock, simple!
A Thoughtful Location
Time is precious, and the idea of being stuck in a traffic jam is not good. As the best apartment dealer in Zirakpur, we chose a location that happens to be the most accessible corner of Zirakpur & Mohali. It is a location which offers you the luxury of your destinations in Chandigarh, Mohali or Panchkula within minutes.
We understand the importance of a stress free breakfast before rushing to the office & the least we could do was cut your travel time! Enjoy the most unique location of Ananta Lifestyle at the junction where you can make a choice for turning towards Chandigarh, Punjab or Delhi. Now, buy our independent floors apartment at  Ananta Homes Zirakpur and live the Ananta Lifestyle!


Ananta Lifestyle’s residential apartments for sale in Zirakpur enjoy a proximity to all the conveniences and cultural hubs of the city.
In need of a fabulous home?

We at Ananta Lifestyle would love to assist you buy our builder & independent floors for sale!
  • Close Proximity with Chandigarh
  • Railway Station – 8 Mins.
  • Airport – 5 Mins.
  • Nearest Hospital – 10 Mins.
  • KFC – 1 Min.
  • McDonald’s – 1 Min.
  • Inox – 1 Min.
  • Walmart – 1 Min.
  • Nearest School – 1 Min.
  • Bus Terminal – 3 Mins.