Premium Commercial Project in Mohali

The project is approved by Punjab Real Estate Dev. Authority.

CP 67 Mohali is a  place where customers want to live, work, shop, dine, and be entertained; a place where retailers thrive, businesses thrive, and people have a good time. It’s no surprise that CP 67 has come to represent productivity, excellence, and progress. You may wonder what distinguishes us from the crowd. For years, we have worked passionately and instinctively, and we have become the natural choice of investors. As a result, we are confident that we will be a part of your future. Our determination, expertise, and financial strength have allowed us to create one-of-a-kind real estate projects for our clients.

We have assembled a team of leasing, marketing, operations, and finance experts to leverage Unity Homeland Group’s collective strength to deliver nothing less than a real estate jewel in Mohali.

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    CP 67 Project Details






    There are six floors of office and corporate space, each with all of the amenities required to run a smart office. The business spaces can be made to any size. They have Internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have a communal pantry and restrooms. Our workplace strategy is backed by our industry expertise, knowledge, and market trends, as well as extensive research and analysis of your company culture and workflow. This combination assists us in developing the best workplace strategy for you.


    Unlimited enjoyment with delectable luxury! On the 7-screen Cineplex of PVR Cinemas, CP 67 Mohali provides premium entertainment with the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and Pollywood films. Because the connection to the consumer is so important, brands that sell products and services that are relevant to the consumer thrive. It is about bringing people up to global lifestyle standards. Cinemas, restaurants, and nightclubs should not be overlooked as sources of entertainment.


    This is the largest food arena in the region, serving dishes of all kinds and beverages of all hues. It is heaven for sinful foodies, discerning diners, fast food freaks, guzzlers, young and old. So whether it’s Thai or Chinese, South Indian or Continental, you can get a bite here. Furthermore, when it comes to satisfying your hunger, you should not limit yourself to one option; instead, you should explore more. A fine dining experience is equivalent to sharing happy memories with friends and family. So, whenever you crave a delectable recipe, let CP 67 provide the best.


    CP 67 Mohali is the next-generation IT hub, with office spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They have a plug-and-play option. The IT complex is supported by 24×7 high-speed Internet access, power backup, a common pantry, and restrooms. Our meeting space and co-working space provide clients with the comprehensive services, facilities, support, and community they require to operate and grow efficiently. Allow your office address to assist you in meeting your goals at CP 67.


    There are six stories of customizable office space where consultancies, law firms, chartered accountants, marketing offices, advertising agencies, and corporate offices can be found. The office spaces are also serviced by 24-hour Internet access, pantry services, and other amenities. With customers, we provide flexible workspace solutions, including office spaces for the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals, and multibillion-dollar corporations. We give businesses the freedom to work when, where, and how they want.


    The leading brands have signed lease agreements to set up shop on CP 67 Mohali, which is set to become one of the region’s largest retail hubs. They are ideal for any type of product line, including apparel, gadgets, accessories, cosmetics, and lifestyle items. Your retail space will serve as a visual representation of your company. As a result, CP 67 has worked hard to develop a list of features and amenities that you require and to negotiate the best possible lease.


    Where professionals live in a home away from home, where NRIs come to stay on their way home, and where travelers can relax in comfortable surroundings and world-class hospitality provided by a luxury hotel. It’s next-generation living. They have a nine-year lease lock-in period. An attractive and comfortable studio apartment can effectively serve your small business needs. Our studio apartment buildings are zoned commercially, and an increasing number of them are used for business purposes.

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